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Digital Seed has thoroughly played through LinkedIn.

Verena Oberrauch
Board Member at Finstral AG

Verena oberrauch

7 things..

..how we operate on point and what our standards are for effective LinkedIn marketing.

It’s not enough for us to post colorful images on a company page and hope that the followers increase. NO!

We do LinkedIn marketing that truly bears fruit.

And to make sure it does, there are a few basic… well… actually commandments that we follow. These commandments turn our work into a craft. All based on solid principles. No hocus-pocus.

The organic reach on social media platforms is a perennial topic. Logical. Because it opens many doors for you: new exciting contacts, customers, or collaborators. You are perceived as an expert in your field. When people have problems, they reach out to you and eventually become customers. And all of this without having to invest in paid advertising. So, building trust, and less of a shotgun approach… that’s how we operate.

Lead generation is on every B2B company’s agenda. And LinkedIn has become the central hub. What matters? Well, aside from a good strategy – excellent communication. Communication that arouses the need. Builds trust. And generates inquiries. This includes content elements such as whitepapers, webcasts, landing pages, and above all, good posts.

Account-Based Marketing selects a carefully chosen group of companies and addresses decision-makers with personalized messages. LinkedIn serves as the sun of the universe: Linked with data from your website – things heat up in your sales.

LinkedIn Ads are indispensable in lead generation. BUT: For LinkedIn Ads to work, the messages and the associated funnels must simply fit. Otherwise, money is burned. We prevent this by first figuring out organically which messages work. And only then do we invest money.

Communication without values does not create identity. We believe in identity-based communication. In communication with a personal touch. For this, we need brand ambassadors who make the brand tangible every day. So: LinkedIn completes your customer journey in the best way possible.

Unique content that blows your customers away? Yes, please! In reality, it often turns out that the journey from idea to finished post can be a long one. But shh, here’s a little tip: Why not use content you already have in your arsenal… Because we also think economically.

No analysis – no (measurable) success. Our goal is to make every campaign, every touchpoint, every message measurable. This way, we can learn together and improve. We rely on interactive dashboards, reports, and management views. Views that follow a holistic approach: analysis, planning, execution, and control.

LinkedIn campaign,
going above Linkedin

Each of our projects is as unique as the customer behind it: Different challenges require different solutions. But they all have one thing in common. They all use LinkedIn to move forward and make their company digitally tangible.

Digital Seed,
Your LinkedIn agency.

Here’s how we do LinkedIn marketing: With a personal BOOM.

We make B2B brands organically visible. We rely on internal key individuals, whom we activate as brand ambassadors. Individuals from the C-level, sales, marketing, or even from product and project management. The possibilities are limitless!

This is how we develop LinkedIn strategies: With an extra dose of “thinking outside the box.”

We develop strategies and also implement them. LinkedIn strategies enriched with Account-Based Marketing, lead and demand generation. Multiple approaches with one goal: customer engagement and acquisition. Unconventional. Innovative. Trailblazing.


When it comes to LinkedIn campaigns, we think from the perspective of the prospects: What exactly would resonate with them at this stage of the buying decision? And then, we’ve already got it: the next step in the campaign…