/2023 BMW Switzerland AG

This is the story of how 15 Key Account Managers at BMW Switzerland AG gave a face to LinkedIn and caused quite a stir.

Automaker BMW Switzerland AG and corporate influencers – we set this combination on the path to the LinkedIn universe at the beginning of 2023. How well did it work out…? Check it out here.

/2022 Finstral AG

The first LinkedIn case that stretched across half of Europe. 21 brand ambassadors ensure creative marketing across 7 national borders.

With this power of concentrated international reach and a network that is now as large as the population of Nuremberg, this window manufacturer ensures that no architect on LinkedIn can pass by the name Finstral AG.

/2022 Samson AG

Personal branding, energy influencers, and district heating experts. In this case, LinkedIn becomes the stage for the energy transition.

Opinion leaders, tech enthusiasts, partners, and customers – Samson AG finds them all on LinkedIn and utilizes its reach to take a stand and connect with key individuals.

/2023 Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG

The ones with the switches... rely on those with expertise and, therefore, give their closest partners a central role in their LinkedIn marketing.

In this story, the main actors are not employees but external partners. Long-term collaborations. Trustworthy experts who act as advocates for Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG. Simple – but absolutely brilliant!

/2021 Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH & Co.KG

Once upon a time... there was a LinkedIn campaign that all marketing managers talked about at the time. The first of its kind. The first in the German midsize companies. The first in the construction industry.

Here we have written the story of how a traditional company like Franz Schneider Brakel made itself tangible on digital channels. Not only on LinkedIn but far beyond.

/2021 DiLiCo Engineering GmbH

This story has special impact: Start-up DiLiCo Engineering GmbH received contacts, inquiries, projects, collaborations, and sales within a few weeks. Yes. Really. All of that.

Awareness, visibility, relevance. For DiLiCo Engineering GmbH, LinkedIn was a real game-changer that boosted sales significantly and made the company known in the industry.

/2022 vonhand GmbH

Word acrobat Andreas Henke uses LinkedIn to market his agency. Personal impact that is immensely important to the creative professional in acquisition.

Andreas Henke. One of the most creative people in the world. His award attests to that. And for those still wondering what he relies on for his acquisition… we might have to spell it out: L.I.N.K.E.D.I.N.

LinkedIn is not just "posting something".

Linkedin is Strategy.

Linkedin is Process.

Linkedin is Marketing.

Linkedin is Sales.

Linkedin is HR.

Linkedin is Lead generation.

Linkedin is Demand generation.

Linkedin is Empathy.

Linkedin is ....

the LinkedIn Univers
knows no boundaries. One just has to be a part of it.


LinkedIn is a playground – bigger than Heide Park. Well… figuratively speaking. Something is always happening. New features, developments, and we always offer new attractions. So, up for some bite-sized insights? Then click your way in.