LinkedIn Agency, pictures of the Team and customers

Our manifesto

We are Digital Seed.
We belive in LinkedIn.

We believe that LinkedIn elevates analogue sales and communication to a new level, leading to improved B2B marketing in every B2B company.

We believe in a new form of communication.

We believe in emotional cookies.

We believe in the core of every brand: People.

We believe in the power. The power of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is not a bubble to be considered in isolation. It is a tool, a communication channel, a sales channel. A means to create an even more intense experience for the customer.

Continuously, we refine ideas, updates, features, technologies, processes, workflows, and improvements to integrate LinkedIn even more seamlessly into the customer journey. This sets us apart from all the other LinkedIn marketing agencies.

We aim to be at the cutting edge, providing individualized care, bringing in fresh perspectives and new impulses.

And that’s exactly what defines our team. Because we want to be the change we want to see in the world.

Our team is bursting with ideas. Everyone contributes where their talents lie and works from the place where their heart beats faster. Because for us, flexible working is a non-negotiable fundamental right.

We are open to everything. Career changers, newcomers, seasoned professionals, creatives, organized individuals, and office dogs. We are friends. Supporting each other in all aspects of life and celebrating together when we achieve something.

If you also want to grow with us and develop in a team that allows you all the freedom for your personal growth, then join us.

Come to Digital Seed.

Who we are

“WE” are a team. A group. A real gang. And here you see the faces behind the scenes. In typography, motion pictures, and with a touch of humor, Digital Seed introduces itself:

Alexander Zitzmann

Seasoned strategist

Collects marketing awards as if there’s no tomorrow and instantly tosses them in the trash. Fires off strategies that hit hard. Lives and breathes B2B marketing 24/7. And that’s no exaggeration.

Vanessa Meyer

True-blue text engineer

Types faster than their own shadow and breathes life into the communicative side of every strategy. Drills everyone in terms of content and creativity. And provides coaching with 158cm of packed LinkedIn knowledge for that extra personal punch.


demandgen queen

Texts, really out of the box? Nah – when it comes to content, Christin doesn’t just craft a paper airplane; she turns it into a supersonic jet. Demand generation is her superpower because she ensures that our brand ambassadors discover their own LinkedIn superpowers and can deploy them as a new secret weapon.

Dirk Füchtner

Design & Foto-Akrobat

Spricht gelegentlich mit seiner Canon. Und manchmal auch mit Photoshop – tja, jeder Künstler braucht einen Spleen. Sein einziger, ernstzunehmender Gegner beim Tischtennis (und auch an der Maus): Ein programmierter Roboter-Arm mit Topspin-Skills.

how we work

We love what we do.
And we want it to stay that way.
Thus, there are a few rules by which we operate.

We are consultants.
Not service providers.

We are your companions, your partners. We don't lift off and don't buckle.
But eye level is a must.

We love courage.
And also courageous decisions.

New paths begin with the first step.
But you also have to dare to take it.

Boundless enthusiasm.
No frills.

We are passionate about the subject. LinkedIn. Brand ambassadorship. Marketing. Customer processes. B2B. Others handle everything else.

From the practice of practitioners.
No dry theory.

We have stumbled over every stumbling block.
And have a solution for each one.

For the goal.
Not for us.

Our goal:
It works for you.

We showcase ourselves with success.

That moment when you realize the campaign is skyrocketing...
That's the moment we've already popped the corks for many clients and projects.
Our favorites? You'll find them here.