Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG:
Community-Building on Linkedin.

Gira Giersiepen - known for switches. Now, they're building a genuine community with their partner network on LinkedIn and bursting in together.

about Gira

Gira, known for its switches, is the smart home pioneer from Radevormwald. Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading providers of comprehensive smart system solutions for electrical and networked digital building control. A family-run traditional brand since 1905, always at the cutting edge: THE smart home pioneer, innovation driver, and shaper of the future.

Alexander Zitzmann von Digital Seed und Torben Bayer von Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co.KG bei Gira

Über Gira

Gira, das sind die mit den Schaltern. Der Smart-Home-Pionier aus Radevormwald. Die Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG zählt zu den führenden Komplettanbietern intelligenter Systemlösungen für die elektrotechnische und vernetzte digitale Gebäudesteuerung. Eine familiengeführte Traditionsmarke, seit 1905, immer am Puls der Zeit: DER Smart-Home-Pionier, Innonvationstreiber und Zukunftsgestalter.


Gira has strong partners:
The system integrators.
they also needed a voice in their LinkedIn communication.

More providers, more products. It's becoming increasingly challenging to reach the desired target audience, particularly on social media.

How can B2B companies manage to attain visibility and relevance with their audience today?

Over 20 years ago, Gira introduced the concept of system integrators, creating a significant expert platform that holds a high value in Gira's marketing and market strategy. Now, this entire approach is transitioning to the digital realm, within the B2B context, on LinkedIn.

  • Occupying niche content areas through the specific positioning of system integrators, also to expand their individual brand presence.
  • Boosting Gira’s brand presence by actively involving selected partners on LinkedIn, ensuring authentic communication.
  • Building trust through stronger community building and establishing personal relationships with the target audience through relevant content.
  • Creating visibility in the right context by imparting expertise on product applications, trending topics, and service solutions.

what do System integrators do?

The specialists in building control technology: Gira System Integrators.

They program. They optimize.
They advise. They plan.
All around smart building solutions.

Gira System Integrators support, plan, and advise architects, private homeowners, or electrical companies in the planning and implementation of smart home and smart building solutions.


System integrators working with Gira products are proven to be qualified experts. They are trained, certified by Gira, and participate in ongoing training programs.


Simply put, they are genuine Gira professionals.

Digital Seed mit Markenbotschafter von Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co.KG und ihre Systemintegratoren


For maximum impact, system integrators become brand ambassadors on LinkedIn. Their focus: 'Building control'.

Five selected system integrators are positioned as brand ambassadors on LinkedIn and aligned with Gira’s LinkedIn strategy. It’s particularly important that the partners not only assume the role of brand advocates for Gira but also highlight their expertise, incorporating the brand only when it fits contextually.

This results in a natural communication approach.

Community growth with Brand ambassador

Community Building: Through strong partners on LinkedIn.

The system integrators are now ready. Ready to be LinkedIn brand ambassadors. Foremost, the system integrators can position themselves and their expertise. The exciting part: they do this through specific application examples of Gira, simultaneously becoming brand ambassadors for Gira itself!

Seamless communication between Gira & the system integrators.

The goal is to create a seamless customer journey. For this, the messages from Gira and the system integrators must fit together like Lego bricks. We’ve developed the basic building blocks in a joint workshop, and now the system integrators are responsible for the day-to-day assembly.

Processes for collaboration and activation of brand ambassadors.

Such a project requires thorough planning – the second part of the workshop involved defining processes and coordination cycles, as well as providing meaningful snippets for LinkedIn content to the system integrators. This way, we ensure long-term success.

Outlook: Account-Based Marketing in the LinkedIn universe.

Today LinkedIn, tomorrow the whole world. Both the system integrators and Gira will soon jump on board the train towards data-driven Account-Based Marketing – the first stop: utilizing website data for acquisition.

Große Anführungszeichen mit Farbverlauf

Collaborating closely with our market partners has always been important to us in marketing and market strategy.

From my perspective, the business network LinkedIn offers interesting potentials for joint networking and the associated positioning.

The pilot with selected partners has already shown that we now need to focus on further expansion.

Linkedin-Profilbild von Torben Bayer, Leiter Marke und Digitalisierung bei Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co.KG – ein Kunde von Digital Seed | LinkedIn Agentur

Torben Bayer
Head of Brand, Marketing, and Digital Business Models
Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG

Große Anführungszeichen mit Farbverlauf

The topic of LinkedIn has intrigued me for a while. That’s why I immediately volunteered to be a part of this initiative. I’ve learned a lot and am now regularly active on LinkedIn. Thank you, Gira, for this opportunity!

Linkedin-Profilbild von Andreas Mueller, Geschäftsführer bei Smart Solutions – Referenzkunde von Digital Seed | LinkedIn Agentur

Andreas Müller
CEO | Smart Solutions Müller GmbH

Große Anführungszeichen mit Farbverlauf

LinkedIn is like a vast, digital, perpetual trade fair. You see what’s happening in the industry. You exchange ideas. You showcase your work, your ideas, your projects. I think it’s fantastic that we had the chance, through Gira, to discover and explore this channel for ourselves. I’ve already experienced some initial success.

Linkedin-Profilbild von Christian Gräwe, Vorstandsmitglied bei netyard AG – ein Kunde von Digital Seed | LinkedIn Agentur

Christian Gräwe
Board Member | netyard AG

Viraler LinkedIn-Post von Christian Gräwe