Brand ambassadorship on LinkedIn.

BMW Switzerland AG expands its online presence on LinkedIn.

Logo von BMW ein Referenzkunde von Digital Seed – eine internationale LinkedIn Marketing Agentur aus Deutschland

How employees of BMW Switzerland AG make themselves visible on LinkedIn.

BMW Switzerland AG has found it: the path to successful communication. In early 2023, the Corporate Sales team of the globally renowned automobile manufacturer launched a LinkedIn initiative that puts its own employees in the spotlight. And we guided the team on the journey to brand ambassadorship.


Whether a digital native or a completely new user on LinkedIn, the training has engaged everyone. And now, the sales team of BMW Switzerland AG is ready to collectively drive communication on LinkedIn forward.

Große Anführungszeichen mit Farbverlauf

I would like to integrate LinkedIn more into our sales efforts. The workshop with Digital Seed has shown us the potential and motivated the team to utilize the platform.

Alain Bahni ein Corporate Influencer von BMW Schweiz AG und Kunde von Digital Seed - LinkedIn Agentur

Alain Bahni
Head of Corporate Sales & business innovation | BMW (Switzerland) AG

Große Anführungszeichen mit Farbverlauf

In search of ideas for our communication and new digital paths, this workshop came at just the right time. Many insights and plenty of new possibilities. Truly exciting.

Thank you, Digital Seed!

Vanessa Reiser eine Markenbotschafterin von BMW Schweiz AG und Kunde von Digital Seed - LinkedIn Agentur

Vanessa Reiser
Head of business innovation | BMW (Switzerland) AG


The answer to the question: How can one use LinkedIn and brand ambassadorship to gain more visibility and brand awareness in B2B?

  • Comprehensive insights into LinkedIn and how each individual employee can use it.
  • Key question: How can LinkedIn and its features be meaningfully integrated into the sales process?
  • Another question: how can BMW Switzerland AG cleverly implement the approach of “Account-Based Marketing”?
  • What should be considered when brand ambassadors are active on LinkedIn? How does the algorithm work?
  • How to design an effective process for long-term content creation within the organization?
  • It required a common consensus so that all brand ambassadors have the same starting point.


A workshop. A team. An initiative. BMW Switzerland AG is launching brand ambassadorship on LinkedIn.

For the many questions and possibilities surrounding LinkedIn, we embarked on a multi-day workshop in Switzerland and provided comprehensive training on LinkedIn for the prospective brand ambassadors of BMW Switzerland AG.

From useful features, content creation, algorithm insights, processes, positioning work, and copywriting hacks to activities outside the LinkedIn bubble, sales opportunities, and new tools that can be utilized around the platform – everything was covered.

The highlight: Insights into Account-Based Marketing in connection with LinkedIn.

Ein Gruppenfoto von Corporate Influencer auf LinkedIn von BMW Schweiz AG und Digital Seed

BMW Switzerland AG has launched brand ambassadorship.

And how can that look like for you?

for exsample:

LinkedIn immersion for the sales and marketing team:
From compelling practical examples to concrete implementation steps.

market before and after brand ambassadors


Kick-off event - ignites enthusiasm and ensures that the team starts the project with motivation.

With numbers, data, facts, exciting potential analyses, and compelling practical examples, every sales professional team is prepared for the topic of LinkedIn. From new sign-ups to digital natives, we evoke motivation in each one.

  • What potential lies behind the platform? And how can you leverage it for yourselves?
  • Practical examples abound: What LinkedIn strategies do other B2B companies employ?
  • What can brand ambassadors achieve as the voice of their company?


LinkedIn as a fixed component in the marketing toolbox: Together, we activate the power of each individual brand ambassador.

Authentic, honest, approachable, emotional. This is how corporate communication should be, especially on LinkedIn. What could be better than letting your own employees speak and bringing transparent, exciting, relevant, and burning topics to the social media platform?

  • More ambassadors, more opportunities. Brand ambassadors multiply the number of your marketing channels within LinkedIn.
  • Building an authentic, engaged, and strong LinkedIn presence with the goal of marketing your company with a personal touch.
  • Content freedom: Services, product information, thought leadership, industry expertise… The possibilities are endless!
effect of brand ambassadors on linkedIn
Account based marketing on linkedin


Outlook on the latest trend topic: Account-Based Marketing.

Never heard of it? Then pay attention: To increase the chances of success in B2B, professionals focus on sharply selected, relevant companies and qualify exactly who they want to talk to. Thanks to new tools, it’s even possible to work with real-time data from your own website. A completely new approach in B2B!

  • This allows you to clearly identify a group of companies and proactively engage them with outbound activities.
  • What can your website data bring to Account-Based Marketing, and how can it be linked with LinkedIn?
  • What processes do you need to implement Account-Based strategies with LinkedIn marketing and brand ambassadors?


X brand ambassadors with X different positions. We turn it into a professional appearance.

We want to see the individuality of the brand ambassadors! In one-on-one conversations, we work on the very personal questions and positions of each participant, ensuring an authentic and, above all, convincing appearance.

  • One-on-one exchange with the brand ambassadors for personal questions, objectives, challenges, fears, and solutions.
  • Development of personal positions (with impact!): Geographic focus, targeting the audience, and thematic emphases.
market segmentation reach more people through brand ambassadors

Vanessa Meyer

Copywriter & LinkedIn Coach

Types faster than her own shadow and breathes life into the communicative aspect of every strategy. Trains everyone in matters of content and creativity. And provides a very special kind of coaching with a personal punch.