Account-Based Marketing.

The hottest stuff for your B2B marketing
comes from your own website!

Account-Based Marketing is the fundamental principle. Personal. Detailed. Precise.

And if you want to do it really well, you also use LinkedIn for it.

What is this Account-Based Marketing?

If you’re in sales, you know how crucial knowledge about your customers is. More specific offers equal better sales opportunities.

This is also true for Account-Based Marketing: A carefully selected and qualified group of companies is targeted, addressing them with tailored messages.

Account-Based Marketing X LinkedIn X Data from your Webseite
= sales of the future.

This focus helps you better utilize the marketing budget, engage target companies with more compelling messages, and significantly reduce the universally disliked scatter loss.

Aaaand your ROI benefits from it too. Especially when it comes to marketing complex industrial products.

In the end, the experience always counts. And when it’s well-executed, it forms a seamless customer journey for your decision-makers.

A customer journey that resonates with them on all levels – especially on the emotional one.

With new tools, you can identify the companies that have visited your website and thus demonstrate a clear buying interest. IN REAL TIME!

These are crucial pieces of information for an Account-Based strategy and can take your sales into entirely new territories.

Not only new customers visit your website. Your existing customers are also navigating here. When you and your marketing team can see when and who has searched for something on your site, it opens up significant opportunities for up- and cross-sales.

When your target audience is on your website, they have a goal. Most likely, an interest. If, at that exact moment, you can also come around the corner with a personal approach: Bullseye! Then, you’re speaking to the right people at the right time about their immediate needs. Shortens your sales cycle. Increases your win rate.

Account-Based Marketing in Practice: Finstral AG

Account-Based Marketing: Data-driven, proactive marketing strategy.

Our strategy approach

We combine real-time data from your website with LinkedIn and personalized campaign flights.

In real-time, the companies visiting your website and sending buying signals are identified. To maximize success, this information is combined with organic reach on LinkedIn, captivating decision-makers with highly personalized campaigns that draw them into your brand's spell.

  • Real-time data from your website identifies B2B companies and their buying signals or needs.
  • Personalized communication with your B2B target audience maximizes marketing success on LinkedIn.
  • Smart marketing strategies address prospects at the right time.
  • Brand ambassadors on LinkedIn quickly build a relationship with the identified companies.
  • With accompanying LinkedIn ads, identified companies are further captivated with advertising messages.
  • Account-based marketing activities are successful when they are approached both analogously and digitally.


Our services

We can:
Clear strategies, efficient processes, personalized campaigns.

Coincidence? Never.

We focus on data acquisition. Data with real insights.
We focus on campaigns. Campaigns with remarkable messages.
We focus on processes. Processes with structured approaches.
We focus on analyses. Analyses with meaningful recommendations.
We focus on marketing success. Success with a clear goal.

Community growth with Brand ambassador

Brand new idea: Integration of analog and digital campaigns.

A seamless customer journey is the path to customer acquisition.

So why not combine digital AND analog touchpoints? For example, with a physical mailing? Regular activities from brand ambassadors on LinkedIn? Webinars? Landing pages? Or even LinkedIn ads?


All of these are possibilities to build a customer journey that is truly an experience in the end.

Timing is everything:
Speak to the right person at the right time about the right offer.

When do I talk to whom about which part of my offer? What information do my target audience need at what time? What thought processes occur before the purchase?

Does it all sound like theory? No. This is proven, analyzed practice!

This is the only way your marketing team can truly groove with your target audience.

Data-driven Account-Based Strategies:
Clear reduction of the B2B sales cycle.

Data-driven Account-Based Strategies shorten the sales cycle and, on top of that, reduce marketing costs.

With our tools, you not only see which companies visited your website.

Automatically, financial metrics, industry affiliation, and company size are also displayed. You can even see which pages within your website were viewed, where the user came from, how long they stayed on your website, and how often.

These data are the absolute game-changer for your Account-Based Strategy and get you to your sales goal faster.

Vanessa Meyer

Copywriter & LinkedIn Coach

“Account-Based Marketing is nothing new. This strategy existed 20 years ago… It has just shifted into the digital realm now, sounding cooler, and the key touchpoints are the website and LinkedIn.”