The first LinkedIn case that extended across half of Europe.

21 window experts as brand ambassadors on LinkedIn.

 International. Versatile. Authentic. Individual.


The development of a fresh, authentic marketing strategy that transcends national borders and fosters improved B2B business across half of Europe.

  • Increased visibility and relevance in the European architecture and construction industry on LinkedIn.
  • Targeted messages through brand ambassadors. Tailored for the market, country, and target audience.
  • Measurability and analytical capabilities of the brand ambassadors’ performance.
  • Integration of other marketing activities with the new LinkedIn strategy.


Attention, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, France, Spain...! Here comes the Europe-wide LinkedIn strategy of FINSTRAL AG!

positions of target groups in country market
  • Brand ambassadors from various sectors bring their own specialized content to LinkedIn – making it colorful, informative, and soooo lively!
  • More brand ambassadors mean more marketing channels – the combined strength of the ambassadors ensures signal strength and significant impact in communication.


  • Greetings from the future: Account-Based Marketing is becoming increasingly important in B2B sales – and Finstral AG is now leveraging this new marketing approach.
  • Creation of a well-oiled system of digital and analog touchpoints. Website. Brochure. LinkedIn. Consultation. Webinar. Everything has its place in this marketing strategy.


LinkedIn has become an integral part of the sales toolkit.

With a network that has now grown as large as the population of Nuremberg (and the trend is continuing to rise!), LinkedIn has firmly become a tool in the toolbox of the international sales team of Finstral AG.

No advertising, no nonsense:
Relevant expertise and compelling references. Directly on the screens of the target audience. Every day.

Through the personal and professional contributions of its employees, Finstral AG is building an authentic and extremely likable communication with the target audience. With messages that TRULY matter. And this happens every day.

And EVERYONE is participating:
More and more key individuals of Finstral AG are gradually becoming brand ambassadors.

After the success of the first group of brand ambassadors, more wanted to join. The benefits of LinkedIn spread internally, and a second highly motivated coaching round began. Not only with new faces but also with new ideas, new messages, and new country markets.

And now, in detail:
4 steps about the first LinkedIn campaign that extended across half of Europe.

1. Step

Create clarity!
Clarity about the brand.
Clarity about the messages.
Clarity about the target audience.
Above all, clarity about the own goals.

Klarheit schaffen! Klarheit über die Marke und Zielgruppe. Klarheit über die Botschaften. Vor allem aber: Klarheit über die eigenen Ziele.

  • Coaching and knowledge transfer: Group and individual training with the aim of understanding LinkedIn and all its possibilities as a marketing tool and applying it in daily life.
  • Differentiated positioning: Various topics, target audiences, languages, and country markets ensure a broad but extremely targeted approach on LinkedIn. No “spray and pray” here. All about the details.
  • 21 ambassadors. 7 countries. 3 languages. Different specialized areas: Clear and, due to the high number of individuals, simultaneously diverse brand communication on LinkedIn.
  • Building trust with the target audience: Expanding the network with the target audience and the diverse contributions of the ambassadors lead to engaging exchanges. First between people. And then with the brand.
growth of Brand ambassador in relation to Company Page. LinkedIn

2. Step

Networking in focus.
Whether networking with customers on LinkedIn or connecting different touchpoints in communication.

All part of the strategy.

Vernetzung im Fokus. Ob Vernetzung mit Kunden auf LinkedIn, oder Vernetzung von unterschiedlichen Kontaktpunkten in der Kommunikation. - Alles Teil der Strategie.

  • Networking within the LinkedIn bubble: To ensure that the network includes the right people, they first need to be brought into the network. With a sophisticated networking mechanism.
  • Networking outside the LinkedIn bubble: Building trust only works when nothing comes in between. So: Bring on the consistently connected experience world.
Focus Elements on LinkedIn. Overlap defines Strategy

3. Step

One step forward...
With the combination of Account-Based Marketing and brand ambassadorship, we are entering new territory.

But Finstral AG takes the step.

One step forward...Mit der Kombination aus Account-Based-Marketing und Markenbotschafter(ei) betreten wir Neuland. Aber die Finstral AG wagt den Schritt.

  • Start for Account-Based Marketing: By utilizing real-time data from the Finstral AG website, there is a sharp marketing focus on a small, high-quality group of companies. VIP leads, so to speak.
  • Brand ambassadorship as an extended arm of sales: Through the direct contact that brand ambassadors have on LinkedIn, they can engage directly with the truly interesting prospects and captivate them with brand-related content.
Account-Based-Marketing im Vergleich zu Key-Account-Management

4. Step

Marketing Data. Yep.
Even LinkedIn Marketing is "driven by data."
Numbers make marketing analyzable.
And only with reliable data tracking can marketing teams measure their success.

Marketing Data. Jep. Auch LinkedIn Marketing ist "driven by data." Erst Zahlen machen Marketing analysefähig. Und nur mit einer zuverlässigen Datensicherung können Vermarktungsteams ihren Erfolg messen.

  • Interactive Dashboards: Interactive dashboards were developed as an analysis and reporting system for the brand ambassadors and the entire marketing team, accessible to each ambassador.
  • Data backup and flat database structures: To integrate analysis tools such as Power Bi or Google Data Studio, a data backup system was introduced. This is crucial for effectively working with the data.
line diagram, data use on LinkedIn